Record Mat “SAN”

PatheWings PW-RM SAN is original record mat. This is high-quality turntable mat made of natural cork & natural caoutchouc.

For many years we have been interested in vibroacoustic processes, in particular the identification of vibroacoustic energy permeation, including characterization of sources, and effective methods of reducing vibration, pulsation and unwanted resonances. For five years, we’ve used our passion and experience to create another unique product of PatheWings that improves sound quality when listening to music.

Record Mat PW-RM SAN was developed and constructed during the testing of different materials. The materials used were selected because they offered the best vibration-dampening properties.

The materials used are:

– Pieces of a special hardened natural rubber, worked in a way that creates a large quantity of air-pockets between individual pieces.

– Composition cork with natural rubber, produced specifically for PatheWings by our supplier in Portugal

Most importantly, all products are of 100% natural origin. 

The combination of these different materials leads to our PW-RM SAN effectively eliminating vibrations, resonances and pulsations, both audible, and inaudible to the human ear.

The result of applying PW-RM SAN is the perfect connection between the vinyl record and turntable platter. Enables better sound quality while playing the music. PW-RM SAN adhere closely to the vinyl record which suppresses the resonances arising and creates a quiet background. PW-RM SAN improves the sound quality of every turntable.

The most important characteristics of  PW-RM SAN are:

• Vibroacoustic noise reduction  

 Effective prevention of unwanted resonances  

• Dampening of vibrations