Vinyl Record Cleaner

PatheWings PW-Qi 021
Cleaner [ 100 ml / 3.4 fl oz. ] 
Refil [ 100 ml / 3.4 fl oz. ]


This is the best vinyl record cleaner on the market, utilizing an innovative formula which ensures that all dust can be easily removed from the vinyl surface.

Our professional vinyl record cleaner QI-021 is a highly effective, high quality disc cleaner.

This claim has been confirmed by numerous tests of various fluids, cloths, brushes and other “inventions” for cleaning vinyl records, and we are 100% sure that we have developed a unique product with high efficiency, while at the same time being fast and easy to use. We have cleaned over 1000 vinyls using QI-021, and the result is an unprecedented purity of the vinyl record. It looks, and sounds, like new!

The Qi-021 efficiently removes:

• Deep sitting dirt or stains, which accumulate in the grooves of the vinyl
• Pollution that appears from gradual degrading of plastic covers or paper envelopes
• Fat or grease
• Tar from tobacco smoke
• Fingerprints
• The remains of the other cleaning fluids that can leave a “protective layer” on the surface

QI-021 is a convenient and easy to use spray. The application is fast and thorough, and it evaporates quickly. After cleaning it does not leave streaks or any other residue. In addition to this it has anti-static properties, and reduces unwanted noise caused by pollution or electrostatic crackling.   The included cloth is made of a special material, which effectively removes dirt from the disc. From time to time please wash the cloth in warm water. After drying it is quickly ready for new use.

The Professional Set contains:

• An engraved aluminum bottle with a ready-to-use applicator and 100ml of liquid QI-021
• Our special cloth, which gently and effectively removes dirt from the grooves of a vinyl record
• An additional refil reserve fluid QI-021

When using the fluid, lightly spray a small amount of the solution onto the record and wipe in a circular motion along the vinyl grooves with a soft lint free cloth.

This Professional Vinyl Cleaner safely and effectively cleans vinyl records without reducing dynamics or fidelity. The specially formulated cleaning fluid lifts contaminants from, and suspends them above, the record surface for removal by a soft cloth.  Together, the fluid and the cloth eliminate the airborne contaminants, particulate matter and oily fingerprints that work their way into the record grooves, without depositing residue or extracting crucial vinyl stabilizers. Regular use of the Professional Vinyl Cleaner not only helps keep your records sounding their best, but extends the effective playing life of your valuable records, providing you with many years of enjoyment. We recommends that each record be cleaned before playing.