Anti-Vibration Spikes H

Spikes holder AVSH-56H 15.

The special build of these special designed spike holders ensure that any kind of spike can be supported, regardless of whether it is made of aluminum, steel, brass, or other materials. As usual PanzerWood provides the best vibration absorption properties. The dimension of the spike holder is 15 mm in height with a diameter of 56 mm. The maximum weight that can be supported is up to 200 kg per spike.

The materials used are:

• PanzerWood® – ennobled, concentrated laminated wood with very special mechanical, physical and functional properties. Through its unique structure, construction and the arrangement of the wood fibers it has extraordinary properties for neutralizing energy – it absorbs occurring oscillations, vibrations and resonance.  PanzerWood® has a very high density of more than 1200 kg / m3 and an isotropic structure – which is a defining characteristic of PanzerWood®. This means that it has the same physical properties in all directions, particularily strength, density, elasticity, and vibration frequency. These unique characteristics result in PanzerWood® having excellent vibration damping properties. Through of the unique build it ensure the best vibration absorption properties one every part of audio equipment.

• Soft and durable felt from a leading German company.

The combination of these different materials leads to our AVS effectively eliminating vibrations, resonances and pulsations, both audible, and inaudible to the human ear.

The most important characteristics of AVSH are:

– Diameter: 56 mm (2.2 inches)
– Vibroacoustic noise reduction
– Optimal separation of the used audio-systems
– Effective prevention of unwanted resonances
– Dampening of vibrations
– Effective isolation of the columns from the floor or ground, which will provide not only better sound, but also peace with the neighbors, since no energy is transferred to the ground
– Can be used with any audio-system, which have spikes.
– Only 15 mm thick .
– Suitable for use with any kind of columns, which have spikes.
– Precise and easy setting up, through the availability of different diameters.
– The felt enables easy moving of all equipment, and also protects against scratches during the move

Ideal For:
• Turntables of every type and make
• Laser disc players, TVs, projectors, DVD players, etc.
• Preamps, power amps, pre-main amps, tube amps, solid state amps, etc.
• CD players, analog players
• High end D / A converters
• Speakers of any size or type

Permissible weight for each piece of AVSH: 200kg.