The Fusion record clamp is the latest product of PatheWings, and the result of over two years of hard work and research in combination with our in-debth experience in eliminating vibrations and shocks which occur during the playback of vinyl records. Through combining three unique materials we developed a new record clamp line which offers first-grade vibration dampening characteristics, which creates an outstanding three-dimensional music and sound environment. Once again we have managed to achieve an even more faithful and accurate reproduction of analogue music, making it sound just as it was intended. Using quality clamps like our new Fusion line has a significant effect on music reproduction, and should be considered an essential component of any high quality analog setup.

PatheWings Fusion record clamp makes records fit tighter to the turntable, significantly improving the sound quality.


PanzerWood® – ennobled, concentrated laminated wood with very special mechanical, physical and functional properties. Through its unique structure, construction and the arrangement of the wood fibers it has extraordinary properties for neutralizing energy – it absorbs occurring oscillations, vibrations and resonance.  PanzerWood® has a very high density of more than 1200 kg / m3 and an isotropic structure – which is a defining characteristic of PanzerWood®. This means that it has the same physical properties in all directions, particularily strength, density, elasticity, and vibration frequency. These unique characteristics result in PanzerWood® having excellent vibration damping properties.

DuraWings – This is a special anti-static material with high mechanical durability and structural strength, which dampens vibrations that may occur when the disc is played.

Stainless steel – a high quality non-magnetic type of steel, which we are using in our leading products for over 6 years.

• Stabilize record and prevent the vertical oscillation of the turntable arm.
• Improves control over the various ranges of bandwidth.
• Obtains stable acoustic scene.
• The sound is more dynamic with more powerful bass.
• There is more details within more precise music scene.
• The sound becomes more accurate.
• Stable movement of turntable plate provides the lack of plate rolling sound and no change in frequency of reading the signal.


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    Excellent quality record weight!!!