Record Mat “DJ”

Original PatheWings Performance Slipmate (PWP-DJ 22)

PatheWings Performance is proud to present a new type Slipmat, which was made especially for DJ’s. This Slipmat is made of specially compressed cork and natural rubber, with an additional layer of natural felt. This has extraordinary vibration damping properties and ensures a long service life of the Slipmat. In addition, the Slipmat has a unique anti-friction coating, which significantly improves the slipperiness during mixing of music. The sliding light helps sophisticated techniques such as scratching tweak, scratch tear or scratch scribble.

This type slipmat the vinyl disk hugs closely, so resonances are suppressed and a better sound quality is achieved when playing. Due to their special characteristics, any kind of club music will be played. ‘PWP DJ 22’ thus improves the sound experience every turntables.

Our developments in the field of Turntable improvements was provided by famous DJs on the sample that tested over several months our Slipmats. Through the resulting feedback, we can further refine our Slipmats to make sure they are the best on the market. Thus we are sure that they will prove in all areas, in which areas they will regardless of used or what kind of music is played.

Features and Specifications:

• Flexible cork ensures excellent adhesion of vinyl records at the Slipmat, which improves the stability of reproduction

Faster and more precise start of the plate

• Very good vibration damping

Long life expectancy – not deformed, not distorted and does not wear off

• High-quality felt for very good sliding properties. Similarly, the grooves of the vinyl records are not worn, the sound quality is maintained.

The sliding layer prevents the braking of the turntables and allows a significantly further turning of the plate.

• Faster and more precise start of the disc is reached

Enables more accurate and smoother movements of the turntable

• Made for any type of music

… And all of that which is just 2mm thick in a Slipmat

All this enables our customers once again a new way to improve the sound and the performance of their audio systems to enjoy a new dimension of sound experience.