Record Mat “KN”

Original PatheWings Record Mat

The result of using PW-RM KN is the perfect marriage between the vinyl record and turntable platter. Enables better sound quality while playing the music.

PW-RM KN adhere closely to the vinyl record which suppresses the resonances arising and creates a quiet background. PW-RM KN improves the sound quality of every turntable. PW-RM KN  is packed in a practical vinyl disc cover.

These features once again offer our customers an opportunity to improve the sound of their audio equipment, for a completely new dimension of listening experience.


  • Rustyfan95ufx (author) posted:

    I have to be honest of all the expensive equipment I have this 21 dollars I spent on this mat made such a big difference in how my turntable sounds, it makes me want to use all of those adjectives that those audio reviewers use like soundstage, and all those other words, you know what I’m talking about I will recommend this to everyone