Record Mat “KNF-B”

PatheWings PW-RM KNF-B is original record mat. This is high-quality turntable mat made of natural cork & natural rubber and felt.

In the design process and during the development of that product, we assumed both, a reduction of vibrations that occur on a turntable platter and maximal reduction of vibrations which arising from the conduct of a turntable needle in the groove of a gramophone record. After many months of testing it with acoustic industry representatives and scientific workers, we have developed new and innovative Record Mate. Through the use of appropriate components and strict production process we have the opportunity to present Record Mat KNF-B, which is combining extreme good vibrations absorption and amazing acoustic experience.


The result of applying PW-RM KNF-B is the perfect connection between the vinyl record and turntable platter. Enables better sound quality while playing the music. PW-RM KNF-B adhere closely to the vinyl record which suppresses the resonances arising and creates a quiet background. PW-RM KNF-B improves the sound quality of every turntable.