Record Mat “SET”

PatheWings record mats set contains two of mats.
The result of using the Record mat SET  is the perfect marriage between the vinyl record and turntable platter. Enables better sound quality while playing the music. Record mat SET adhere closely to the vinyl record which suppresses the resonances arising and creates a quiet background.Record mat SET  improves the sound quality of every turntable.

Now we give you the possibility to compare/test two Record Mats on your sound system.
Each of Record Mat will sound different!!!

All our mats are made from natural products. In view of the natural environment, the products of which manufacture our mats are certified by stating that they come only from certified cork forests, have been produced based on sustainable forest management and in accordance with environmental standards, for example, such as the NP EN ISO 14001 – see photo.
All our products are cork or combination of a cork with natural rubber has been specially produced for PatheWings in Portugal.