Signature RCA

PatheWings Signature Interconnects RCA


PW-RCA1.0 has been specifically designed to work together with the audio source. Using the best technology and materials, our PW-RCA1.0 achieve a perfect three-dimensional scene, high quality sound effect and excellent dynamic range. PW-RCA1.0 by silvered inner conductor provides a beautiful and very dynamic, high-quality bass.

PatheWings PW-RCA1.0 provides sound clarity along with great attention to detail. PW-RCA1.0 features a wonderful open sound with perfect acoustics dedication, resources and amplification plans.

• Bass is characterised by punctuality, speed, and impeccable control.

• Mids are perfectly filled.

• The highs can be described as Ultra High Purity and unfettered. Acoustic instruments have their natural color and details of their color is such as it should be neutral with the corresponding decay and sonority. Everything makes it possible to recreate a piece of music in a spectacular way of realism and order scene in all glory along with the dedication of all the nuances that make up the music.

• PW-RCA1.0 properly applied can bring out the true subtleties of music.

• Length: 1.0 m (39,37’’)

• Inner conductor and the first screen are silver-plated.

• Directional Cable.

• External shield prevents further damage to the cable.

• High-end plugs finished with silver to provide even better contact.

• In our products for surface bonging we use only Silver Solder.