Signature Speaker Wire

PatheWings Speaker Wire


PW-SW3.7AR is used for connection between amplifier and Acoustic Research speaker system which has been produced from 1954 to 1976 (AR-1 to AR-8 models and also AR-LST). Speaker cable is very important part of any audio system. It is difficult to design a good and cheap speaker cable due to specific of the supplying signal and complicated construction of switch. PW-SW3.7AR fulfil strict technical requirements for professional speaker cable. PW-SW3.7AR is a cable of a very good performance and reasonable-moderate price.

PatheWings PW-SW3.7AR surprised with medium to high tones and more controlled, precise, and dynamic bass. The sound is crystal and detailed clear. PW-SW3.7AR was created to avoid interfere with the transmission of original music.

• Lenght: 2 x 3.7 m (145,66’’)
• Special loops on the ends to maintain better contact with AR speakers.
• Multi-strand wire, twisted with soft wires of pure copper
• Construction of one strand: 140 pcs x 0.15 mm
• Cross-section area 2 x 2.5
• Wire insulation made of PVC.
• Additional insulation to prevent copper oxidation and protect cable from damage.

Strand resistance (at 20 ̊C):

• RS max – 0.0295 Ω /3.7m
• RS average – 0.0277 Ω /3.7m


• 0.0333 mH /3.7m

Endurance test:

• 2000V

Connection Terminal:

• Our PW-SW3.7AR are silver finished to ensure better contact with amplifier and has special loops on the other end to ensure better contact with AR speakers.