Stainless Steel

Most of vinyl discs are thin and flexible, and often distorted or wrinkled. Since most of vinyl’s doesn’t adhere to the turntable platter, sound reproduction suffers from lack of resonance damping vinyl which provides to flutter of the sound. Some of the vinyl’s are having contact with the outer edge of the turntable platter instead of the middle. Conversely, the vinyl’s disc which are folded or bent upwards, seem to sway the plate.  Stabilizers made by PatheWings solve the above problems, resulting in better contact  between vinyl and turntable platter.


• Stabilize record and prevent the vertical oscillation of the turntable arm.
• Improves control over the various ranges of bandwidth.
• Obtains stable acoustic scene.
• The sound is more dynamic with more powerful bass.
• There is more details within more precise music scene.
• The sound becomes more accurate.
• Stable movement of turntable plate provides the lack of plate rolling sound and no change in frequency of reading the signal.