Stylus Cleaner

PatheWings PW-SC 250
Cleaner [ 7 ml / 0.24 fl oz. ] 

A cleaning set for turntable styluses of the highest quality.

A Special liquid cleaner, suitable for all types of styluses. This unique recipe of PatheWings ensures the best results, as it meets our usual premium quality standards and has been extensively tested to ensure it fulfills our strict requirements.  

The special-made brush is made from quality materials, and removes even stubborn dirt which could lead to unforeseen interference of the stylus. It cleans gently, yet very effectively.

Regular cleaning greatly increases the vitality of the scanning system, and using a clean stylus provides a precise, pure and clear sound reproduction. 

The bottle features a safety which counteracts dripping of the cleaning liquid from the brush.

The set is highly efficient, as one set is enough for about 250 stylus cleanings. 

Contains 7 ml.

See for yourself, and hear the difference when playing you favorite vinyls.